Corey Parker Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Corey Parker, AKA “Bug Eye.” You might know me or may have heard of me. As I write this I have been in the BCDC for 2 and half years. I met Brad MacFee in 2008 when me and a co-defendant, who he represented when we were both, charged with attempted murder. He was excellent and very professional in court, and he got my co-defendant a time served result on the case. I was very impressed.

As a result, 2 years later when I was charged with 1” degree murder involving the same victim (although it was someone else that was killed in this case) that was involved in the 2008 case, I hired Brad right away. Fortunately the State did not pursue the death penalty in my case but I was facing life in prison if I was convicted. Needless to say, I was fighting for my life, and I am not embarrassed to say that I was scared. I have done enough time in prison in my life and I have a young son. I didn’t want to do anymore.

There were several twists and turns in the case that caused more delays than usual. By the time we finally got to court, things started off very badly. I lost a motion and the Judge decided that the jury in my case was able to know that I had taken the attempted murder charge 2 years earlier involving the same victim. I was devastated because I just knew that even if the jury didn’t think I was guilty in the new case, they would probably convict me anyway as a result of the earlier case. When a jury enters a trial knowing this kind of information, it’s probably the most damaging thing that can happen.

The trial lasted 2 weeks and there were 2 civilian witnesses and several detectives testifying against me. The victim said he saw me at the scene and he knew it was me. The detectives said that their investigation concluded that I was definitely the person behind the shooting. I was very nervous. Still, Brad was there the entire time, reassuring me that he knew I wasn’t guilty and that I was in good hands. I trusted him because he was all I had.
On March 14th, after 2 days of deliberations, the jury returned with the verdict. My knees were shaking as I stood next to Brad waiting to hear my fate. For real, I had a very bad feeling. I just knew that the admission of the “prior bad acts” evidence had tainted the jury against me. When the jury foreman read the verdict, “not guilty’ on all counts, my heart was racing 100 miles per hour. I truly felt like I was going to have a heart attack. It’s been more than a month now and I still can’t believe Brad beat this case.

The point of sharing my experience is to let you know that if you are in serious trouble, you would be very wise to meet with Brad and let him look at your case. He cares about his clients, and when your court date arrives, he will fight very aggressively for you. He takes pride in his work and, while not all cases can be won, he certainly wins many more than he loses, and he wins cases that are tough and that other lawyers might lose, or be afraid to take to trial.

I have permitted Brad to give my contact information to anyone that might want to talk to me personally about my experience. If you need more information, please give me a call. In the meantime, best of luck with your case and, if you can hire Brad to assist you, you would be smart to do that.

Respectfully Yours,

Corey Parker, AKA “Bug Eye”