Deandre Branch Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Deandre Branch, however most people know me as “Dre.” In late June of 2015, I was arrested, charges with 1st degree murder and locked up in the city jail without bail. I had never before been charged with anything even close to this serious, and I was nervous and I knew I was going to be in a fight for my life.

My brother and a homeboy of mine contacted Bradley MacFee and asked him t look into my case. On a Monday afternoon Mr. MacFee came to see me at the jail. After a 45-minute discussion he told me he had to do some investigation in an effort to find out in more detail what my case was about and why I had been charged. When I met Brad he seemed to be a nice guy and for some reason I trusted him to pull me out of the mess I was in.

A couple of week’s later brad returned to the jail and we had more detailed discussions about thee case. He asked me for information about certain people that were, or claimed to be involved in the case either as witnesses or detectives. I didn’t know that I had been picked out of a photo array and identified as one of two shooter in a double homicide, so we discussed that issue in great detail. We created a timeline from the date of the shooting to the date I had been identified, which was a full two years later. At the end of the meeting he told me that I was going to sit for a while and that nothing could be done about that, but once we finally were able to get to trial, he would beat the case and I would be ok. I felt like this was a pretty bold statement, and I was a little surprised by his confidence. In fact, I thought he was just trying to make me feel better about my situation, but I was still scared.

When we final got to trial and I sat there and heard the case unfold, I was sure I was going to lose. I thought the prosecutor did and outstanding job of making me appear guilty. Still, Brad reassured me throughout the process that everything would be just fine and that I shouldn’t worry. When Brad got his chance to cross-examine the witness and put on a witness on my behalf, I began to feel a little better. Still, when the case went to the jury, I wasn’t optimistic about my chances. At the end of the case, the jury came back after 2 hours. When the Judge asked the Jury Foreman to read the verdict I was terrified of what was going to come out of his mouth. When he said the words “Not Guilty” over and over again, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that I would soon be leaving that nasty jail and coming home to my family and children.

If I am not mistaken, my case was the 4th or 5th murder trial in a row that Brad has won. What that means is that he repeadly faces the best prosecutors in the city and wins. If you can, you should consider hiring him because he will get the job done. Thanks to him I got my freedom and my life back.

Deandre Branch