Guiseppi “Joe” Giogrilli Testimonial

March 5, 2016

To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this letter chances are you are in a jam and looking for a lawyer. Well, you are definitely looking at the right man. Bradley Macfee Sr. is a pit bull in the courtroom that is not afraid to stand up to the tactics employed by the state’s attorneys in Maryland. After sitting for about 11 months on a Robbery charge in Baltimore city I fired a lawyer I had paid in full because he was afraid of the state. I was given a packet of letters similar to what you are reading now and I knew if half of what I read was true I had to risk the little bit of money I had on the table with Brad. It turned out to be the best decision I could have ever made. Iformed an image in my head of how he would present my case while sitting in my cell on steel side day after day. When I finally got a trial date 16 months in he fought my case as if it was his own freedom on the line. He presented every piece of evidence, information, and case law he could find to mount my defense and in the end the search and seizure of my vehicle and my arrest was ruled unconstitutional and invalid forcing the state to NOlle Pros my case. This would have been my 6th Robbery conviction and I had a 30 year suspended sentence for probation violations as well as time still left on my parole. A conviction in this case would have essentially ended my life as I knew it. I honestly believe after seeing Brad’s performance in the courtroom that no other lawyer at my disposal would have been able to beat this case. Brad picked points that were tedious and minute that most other lawyers would have given the usual response to, “it is your word against theirs who are they going to believe?” and these are the points that won the case. He actually got the lead robbery unit detective to admit on the stand and under oath that he actually had no probable cause to stop me or search me, which alone should have had the case tossed immediately, however the judge wasn’t so keen on letting a career criminal walk out that easy so a 15 minute motion hearing lasted about 6t hours and every second Brad fought for me as if he would never see his own family again. He is affordable and will work with you financially so that you can mount the best defense possible and he will actually communicate with you at will not because you have to call and lean on him for a status on your case. I highly recommend that if you can afford it you hire this man While you sit in jail all your homeboys will tell you how great their lawyer is but the homeboy who let you read this is true homeboy. Whether your case is cut and dry and you need the best deal or you see errors in the police work you are looking at the answer. After beating my case in Baltimore city Brad had me released from Baltimore County on a probation violation warrant with a single phone call to the judge. I have never seen anything like it in my life. He then represented me at the hearing just because and that violation was tossed as ease as the case. I get phone calls and text messages often from Brad checking on my progress showing me I gained a friend as well as a lawyer. I spent 16 month sin every part of Baltimore city detention center and I don’t think I heard one person say they lost a case using Bradley MacFee, Sr. This is most definitely the most important decision you may ever make, it may ruin your life or it may save your life. I suggest to you that you choose your freedom over a few pennies you may save by hiring some liar. If you want to be visited by your lawyer, want your phone calls answered, and most importantly want to beat the case you’re looking at the right guy.

Guiseppi “Joe” Giorgilli