Harold Richardson Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Harold Richardson. I live in Baltimore City. I have 3 kids and I work for the city. I take good care of my family and we are very close. I look forward to getting home to them after a long day at work.

This was not always the case. My name was always Harold, but people in the neighborhood knew me as “Stink.” I wasn’t always so close with my family and they weren’t always so proud of me. While it’s been close to three years since I last looked over my shoulder expecting to see the knockers coming to mess with me, this used to be a near daily occurrence. This was because they thought that I was involved in the drug trade that was prevalent in and around my eastside neighborhood.

Naturally, I caught more than my share of charges back in the day. This fact is what brought me to meet Brad MacFee, Sr.. In late 2002 I was charged in 2 separate cases with attempted 1st degree murder. The state made me ridiculous offers in each case, which Brad turned down on my behalf. In April of 2004, we went to trial on both cases, first one, then the other. Brad beat them both for me, enabling me to get home for the first time in over a year.

I think the fact that Brad beat these cases at trial, and may have made the police look a little stupid in the process made them angry, which caused them to come after me even harder. In late 2005, I was charged again, this time with distribution. Because of my record I was facing a minimum of 10 years without parole. As usual, the State was not willing to offer me anything acceptable, so Brad and I prepared to go to trial again.

A week before the trial, Brad called me and told me to round up my co-defendants he was coming down to North Avenue for a meeting. I did that and an hour later for four of us were sitting in an empty row house on North, across from Rutland. Brad asked questions for an hour or so, ultimately focusing in on the cops and knockers in the area, particularly the ones that locked us all up. We told him about how they constantly go way overboard in the process of doing their jobs, and how they routinely beat people up and arrest people for no apparent reason. He asked us to introduce him to more people who would tell him stories about theses cops, and we took him outside. He approached every person we pointed out and asked them questions about the knockers, whose nicknames we had provided him. After he talked to four or five people he gathered us all back together and said that he would see us in court, and that part of his plan was to put the knockers on trial.

On March 21, 2006, we went to trial. I will never forget what happened on that day. Just as he said he would do, Brad went in and told the judge that he wanted the personnel files for each of the cops involved in our case. Shortly after that the participated in a hearing. The Judge commented on the ridiculous number of complaints and infractions that each of them had on their record. One of them had beaten a women with a beer bottle sand the other had handcuffed a guy and smacked him with a radio. It all happened so fast, I didn’t even really know what the hell was going on. All I knew was that I needed it to go well.

The next thing I knew it seemed like the prosecutor was getting upset. Everyone on the other side of the room appeared to be agitated. The judge said that we could go ahead with the trial, but that he was going to allow Brad to tell the jury about all the rotten things that the knockers did to people in our neighborhood. After the judge ,made this decision, the prosecutor made a really good offer, which we rejected. The next thing I knew Bad was shaking my hand and congratulating me. I remember looking at him and saying, is it over?” It was, and the case against all three of us had been dropped. I couldn’t believe it!

At that point we walked out into the hall. Brad looked at me and said “Harold that went very well, just like we discussed last week. It was perfect. Still, I’m not sure how many more rabbits I’m going to be able to pull out of my hat for you. Sooner or later, they’re going to get you, and I don’t want to see that happen. You’ve got too much to offer and you’re to smart to waste another second of your life in some jail.”

Since that day, I have never had any legal trouble. The next day Brad was on the new and stories about the case were all in the local newspapers. Brad and I talk all the time. He talks to my mom, and recently, when a friend of mine was shot in a random incident, Brad visited him in the hospital. He invited me to a raven’s game earlier this season, but I couldn’t make it because I had to work. We have plans to make a game before the end of the season, though.

I guess that bottom line is that Brad MacFee is as tough as they come in the courtroom. If your case is beatable, he will beat it. If it is not, he will find a way to minimize your exposure. No matter what, he will never throw you and he will put you in the best possible position to achieve the best possible outcome. He could easily charge three times what he charges people, but he understand that most of the people he defends are not wealthy, and never forces people to choose between eating or keeping the lights on and paying for his services.

For all of these reasons, I strongly recommend that you consider hiring Brad MacFee, Sr. to help you with your case.

Best of Luck,

Harold Richardson