Howard “Rick” Saffell Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

I first met Brad MacFee in the summer of 2006. I had been a drug addict for better than 20 years and was at the facing a petty charge for possession and paraphernalia. While these charges were pending, I was arrested on felony distribution charges. After I bailed out immediately went to discuss matters with Mr. MacFee.

When I met with Mr. MacFee, he told me in no uncertain terms that no matter what the evidence was against me and regardless of whether we ultimately went to trial or sought a deal, if I would do things he told me to do, he would walk me through the case and I would not serve time. He them made arrangements for me to enter treatment.

Unfortunately, I was not ready to give up my addiction. Instead of following Mr. MacFee’s instructions, I continued to use and ultimately picked up even more charges. I skipped bail, which resulted in the issuance of a bench warrant for my arrest. In short, I was in more trouble than I had ever been in my life.

Before long I was arrested. My first call was to Mr. MacFee. He asked me if I was now ready to start paying attention? I said yes and he arranged for me to have a bail review before Judge Ensor in Baltimore County. We went before Judge Ensor and Mr. MacFee was able to convince her to allow me to move into the Helping Up Mission pending trial of all my charges.

Several months later, Mr. MacFee took me in front of Judge Dugan in Baltimore County. Needless to say, I was facing 30 years in prison and my knees were shaking fifteen minutes later I was walking out of the Courthouse, on my way back to the Mission, where I continue to live today.

While I am grateful for the assitance Mr. MacFee gave me with my legal trouble the fact that we have remained friends in the aftermath is even more of a blessing. The fat that we continue to talk and socialize even though I no longer need his professionally is something you rarely see with an attorney. I am happy to know that Brad is not only my attorney, but also my friend

Should you have any questions or desire to discuss my experience in greater detail, please feel free to contact me through Brad’s office. I will be glad to talk with you.


Howard “Rick” Saffell