Isaiah Johnson Testimonial

Dear Sir/Ma’am:
On June 10, 2020, I was driving on Auchentroly Terrace when a bunch of cops pulled me
over, searched my car, found about 300 trashcans of coke and locked me up. Because I was on
probation for some armed robberies and I was backing up a ton of years, I knew I was gonna
have to do something to make sure I beat this thing, which I really didn’t do anyway.
I knew some guys that had used Brad MacFee before and beat their cases, so I asked my
mom to give him a call. She did and he came to see me and we talked about my case. He told
me from the jump that I had a good defense because they were gonna have trouble proving
that I knew the drugs were in the car. He said he had done a million of these cases and had a
special way to show the jury that the state didn’t prove that I had knowledge of the drugs, and
it works nearly 100% of the time.
The courts were closed during Covid, and that caused some delays, but we finally got to
trial in late May of 2022. Three officers testified and Brad made all of them admit that while
there were drugs found in the center console of the car, and while my right arm was resting on
the center console as I was driving the car, they had no idea how long I had been in the car,
whether the car was mine, whether I had ever been in the car before, who was in the car 10
minutes before they started following me, whether the girl I was with knew about the drugs in
the car or where the car had been in the minutes, hours and days before they found me in it.
He asked all 3 cops, “When did Isaiah Johnson put the drugs in the car? All 3 of them had to say
they didn’t know. “Where did Isaiah Johnson get the drugs that you found in the car?” They
didn’t know. “Who put the drugs that you found in the car where you found them? They didn’t
know. “Who owns the car?” They didn’t know. “How long was Isaiah Johnson in the car before
you pulled him over?” They didn’t know. It went on like this for a while with each cop until it
became obvious to the jury that they knew virtually nothing about this case other than I
happened to be in a car that had drugs in it.
In case the jury wasn’t 100% sure that I wasn’t guilty, when Brad was doing his closing
argument, he had hidden a sandwich baggie of gel caps under the seat of someone in the
courtroom. He told the jury, “Let me give you an example to show how important is to prove
knowledge, and how the state has failed.” He pulled the bag out from under the lady’s seat and
told the sheriff he had to arrest her because she was just found with drugs very close to where
she was sitting. He then told the jury that it (obviously) would have been wrong to arrest the
lady, because she had no idea that those drugs were there, and the reason he knew that was
because HE had put the drugs there earlier in the day and no one in the courtroom knew they
were there except for him. That was the icing on the cake. The jury came back in 2 hours and
found me not guilty of possession of the drugs with the intent to distribute.

While the stakes were very high for me, I actually had fun watching Brad do his job. It
became clear to me halfway through the testimony of the first officer that I was going to be
found not guilty, and that took a lot of the pressure off of me and I was just able to enjoy the
show. I know not everybody can come up with the money to hire a private lawyer, but if you
can, hiring Brad MacFee would be a good investment. He works hard, and he gets good results
for his clients.