Kevin Smith Testimonial

On July 29, 2021, I called my attorney, Brad MacFee, to tell him that I was required to check in with the gun offender’s unit, but was concerned that when I did I would be arrested because I thought I had 2 warrants in Harford County. Brad asked me why I thought that, and I told him that my kids’ mother had been trying to get me in trouble.

Brad checked it out for me and learned that I did, in fact, have 2 warrants out for my arrest. On was for a trespassing charge and the other was for a 1st degree assault. In the first one she said I came to her house at night and was banging on her door and threatening her. In the 2nd one she said I came to her house, jumped up on the trunk of her car and was waving a gun around and threatening her.

Brad immediately starting doing his homework and confirmed that there were, in fact, 3 warrants pending for me. He recommended doing motions to quash them, but before we could get that far I checked in with the gun offender folks and got arrested. It was a no-win situation as, had I not checked in with them, there would have just been 1 more warrant.

Thereafter, Brad began working on bails. He got me a bail review in the District Court and the Judge agreed to let me go on my own recognizance. He then got me a bail review in the Circuit Court and got the Judge, over the State’s objection, to release me on home detention. In that case, the “victim” alleged that I jumped up on her trunk and pointed a gun at her.

The next thing in line was the trial date in the District Court. We showed up and my baby mama was there. Brad approached the prosecutor and she tried to make me an offer, but before she could even get her thought out, Brad told her we weren’t taking any deal, and would be going to trial today. The Judge was Mimi Cooper and she eventually called the case. The only witness for the State was my baby mama, and to say that Brad ripped her apart would be a gross understatement. The key, however, was the 911 call. The prosecutor played a small part of it, but Brad told the Judge that she needed to hear the whole thing. The Judge ordered the prosecutor to play it all, and Brad pointed out that during the entire 5-minute call during which I was supposed to have been banging on her door and yelling, not a sound was heard in the background. Moreover, he pointed out that despite having a cell phone, she had no pictures of me doing the things she said I was doing. He also pointed out that, despite the fact that she lived in a townhouse with neighbors everywhere, no one else witnessed or heard anything.

With that the Judge left the bench and took a break. Brad believed she went to the back to listen to the 911 call a little more and confirm that the things he said were true. When she came back out she told the lawyers that there was no need to continue the case or ask anymore questions because she was finding me not guilty. My baby mama was furious.

Done with the misdemeanor case, I still had to deal with the felony involving the gun. In that case, the woman called the cops, told them that I had jumped up onto the trunk of her car and threatened her with a gun. She showed the cops, and they took pictured of a pair of muddy footprints on the trunk of her car. This case carried a maximum of 25 years in jail, and considering my record, I was worried.

Prior to the trial date, Brad called the prosecutor and pointed out a few things. First he said that it was curious that while there were footprints on the lid of the trunk, there were only 2, they were very neat and there were none on the bumper. He pointed out that as a result, I would have had to have jumped from the ground onto the trunk, not moved once I was up there, and then jumped back down. Again, despite making a huge disturbance, there were no other witnesses. Again, there were no pictures. Again, there was no background noise. Most importantly, he told the prosecutor that Judge Cooper in the District Court had already determined that his witness was a liar, but if he wanted to have a trial and put her on the stand, he would be happy to destroy her again.

A week later, a month before the scheduled trial date, the prosecutor in the gun case dropped all of the charges against me.

Brad MacFee has represented me and many of my friends for years now. When I tell you that he has never let any of us down and has always achieved great results for all of us, I am being completely serious. If you need a lawyer and have the ability, you should definitely consider having him help you.

Kevin Smith