Marlon Harris Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern,

I first met Brad in October of 2009. I had been arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun. As a result I was facing 5 years in prison without the possibilty of parole.

When Brad first came to see me I was being housed at Central Booking. We sat down and he reviewd the police report. He immediately began asking me questions about how the officer found the gun and where he found it and he had a warrant to searchthe area where he found it or if I had given him permissuon to search the area around my house for the gun? I told him there was no warant and the the officer had ot asked, nor had I given him consent to go into my yard from the street where I had been arrested and go into my porch and into my barbecue grill, which is where he found the gun.

Upon copleteing his review of the report and asking me a few more questions, Brad told me that the bad news was that I would have to wait around a year to get to trial. He said the good news was that when we finall got there, he would make a motion to suppress the gun for an illegal search, which he said would be granted and that would result in dismissal of the charges against me.

On Novemeber 5, 2010, alittle over year since Brad and I first met, we appeared before Judge Paul Smith. Judge Smih said he was only available for a limited period of time, but that he could hear and decide the motion to suppress. Brad had me testify as his only witness. The State put on the officer that had arrested me. The entire hearing only took an hour, but it was the most nervoud hour of my life. To be honest, I really did not have a good understanding of what was going on. The thing I remember most about the hearing is that halfway through, Brad wrote a note and passed it over to me. It sai “ Don’t worry, you will be home by 9:00 tonight.”

Once the testomony was over, both lawyers made legal arguments in suppoet of their positions. Judge smith granted our motion to suppress, stating that there was no jusdification for the officer entering my yard and searching around my porch without a warrant. As soon as he did that, the Assisstant State’s Attorney announced that he was dropping all of the chages against me. It took a while to sink in that after a year in jail, I was going home to my father, my girlfriend, and my child.

If you are in trouble, you would be smart to hire Brad to represent you in Court. I know that hring him was one of the smartest decisions I made and I am not sure that I would home today if I had used someone else.

Marlon Harris