Mary Peacock-Forrer Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Mary Peacock-Forrer. Brad MacFee, Sr. has been my attorney for approximately four years.

I started getting into trouble in 2000. I developed a drug problem and it didn’t take long for me to rack up theft, assault and minor drug charges. When I met Brad in 2004, I was facing 7 charges, 3 of which were violations of probation in Baltimore County and City. Additionally, I was facing several felony counts in Harford County, among them Armed Robbery, Robbery, 1st degree assault, assault with a deadly weapon, theft over $500.00 and Burglary. In light of my record, the State’s Attorney in Harford County wanted to send me to prison for a lengthy stretch. I know this because he was offering me 5 years as plea bargain. In short, I was in big trouble and I was scared to death.

Watching Brad work was unbelievable. The first thing he did was get all of my probation cases closed out. After that, he was able to have the pending Baltimore County and City charges dropped. At this point he had somehow disposed of 6 of my 7 cases without me doing a minute of jail time or adding to my record. Now the only thing facing me was the matter in Harford County.

Brad rejected the plea offer in Harford County and we embarked on a three day court trial Sal Filli was the Assistant State’s Attorney and it almost seemed like he knew me personally and hated me. Despite this, Brad was able to gain acquittals on all of the felony charges. Ultimately I was found guilty of theft under 4500.00 and sentenced to 18 months in the detention center. I did a total of 4 months after Brad was successfully able to have my sentence modified by Judge Baldwin.

Fortunately, I have been able to stay out of trouble ever since going to trial with Brad. Still, he has stayed with my family, assisting my stepson to successfully settle an auto accident case and assisting my daughter to get custody of her child.

Normally, I might be reluctant to write such a letter. After all, I am not proud of the things that I did in my life that brought Brad MacFee and I together in the first place. That said, he is an amazing attorney and friend, and because of that I have no problem recommending him to you.


Mary Peacock-Forrer