Shawn Freeman Testimonial

In November of last year I had been sitting in Central Booking for nearly a year awaiting trial on the charges that I was in possession of a handgun. Making matters worse, I had been previously convicted of possession with the intent to distribute, so I was facing the 5 years without parole and the State would not offer me a deal for less than that. Basically, the police said that they were undercover when they saw me buy some drugs and walk in their direction. When I got close enough they started to chase me and I ran for about 50 yards before pulling a gun out of my coat and throwing in the street.

On November 24, 2009, I met Brad MacFee when he came to see me at Central Booking. I explained the circumstance and he agreed to help me with the case. We talked for a long time about my case and he asked my why I was walking with the aid of a cane. I explained that about a month prior to being arrested I had been in an accident and had been receiving treatment for the injuries I sustained as a result. He asked me how, in light of my injuries I could have led the police on a 50-yard foot chase? I told him I didn’t and he said he would take care of the rest.

After several postponements we finally were able to go to trial on September 16, 2010. The Assistant State’s Attorney put on 2 witnesses. The 1st was the detective that said that he chased me and recovered the gun and recovered the gun when I threw it in the street. The 2nd was another detective that was there on the day as well as the drugs they said they took off of me. The thing that made me the most nervous was that she was allowed to tell the jury that I had been convicted of a crime that made it illegal for me to possess a handgun. I was afraid that because they knew that they might convict me based on my record even if they didn’t believe that I had the gun.

Mr. MacFee only put on 1 witness, who was the doctor that treated me for thee injuries I sustained in the car accident a month before my arrest.

While I think the doctors testimony helped, I think the most important thing Mr. MacFee did was catch the police in several lies. He did a masterful job of getting the police to lie on the witness stand. He also made sure the jury knew there was no other evidence, like fingerprints or DNA that connected me to the gun. That meant if they were going to convict me, they would have to do it based only on the police testimony and since they had lied and couldn’t be trusted, they had to find me not guilty.

After an hour or so the jury ended their deliberations and did just that, finding me not guilty of all charges. When the forelady read the verdict I was so sure that she was going to say “guilty” that I was paralyzed for a minute. I think that I was in shock? Mr. MacFee shook my hand and congratulated me but I barely heard what he said. It was only after a few minutes went by that it sunk in that I was going to be home in a few hours.

Needless to say, I feel extremely lucky to have been represented by Mr. MacFee. He worked hard for me and as a result I am a free man today. While I was 45 years of age I don’t plan on being in trouble again, you can be sure if I ever again find myself in need of an attorney, I will be calling Brad MacFee. I highly recommend that if you have a criminal case and you need a lawyer, you talk to Brad MacFee as well.

If you have any questions about my experience with Mr. MacFee, I have authorized him to give out my phone number and I will be glad to talk with you about my experience.

Very truly yours,

Shawn Freeman