Welcome to my updated website, recently created for me by the great folks at Minyona, LLC. If you need a website or any marketing help whatsoever, I strongly recommend that you give Mike and the people at Minyona a call. As you can see, they do great work.

In addition to the regular information contained on the site I will, from time to time, use this space to post additional information or dialogue that I feel may be of assistance to my clients, past, current and future. This “blog” will, among other things, provide information regarding changes to various laws that may be relevant or of interest to my clients, provide personal insights regarding the law, describe recent experiences in and outside of court, and provide general information that will hopefully resonate in one way or another with those that I serve. As always, you can also expect the occasional humorous story as well because, while the law is as serious a topic as there is, there’s nothing wrong with lightening the mood once in awhile.

So, take a minute to look around the site and, in the event you have any questions or require assistance of any kind, feel free to call or drop me a note.




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